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Verdi Co. is a professional Design, Development, and Construction company specializing in cost-effective Green Building. That means we look for ways to increase energy efficiency, durability, and the use of building materials from responsible, reliable sources… while decreasing maintenance, indoor air pollutants, and long term costs.

Design Services
We are an award winning Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning firm with over 25 years experience and national certification, including US Green Building Council LEED status. It isn't just pretty pictures: we understand every line we draw has both an aesthetic AND a direct cost and environmental impact on our projects.

Home Building Services
We have an unlimited General Contractor’s license in South Carolina, using old-fashioned common sense and a true design awareness to build things better. We can and do build outside our local area, but typically do so either as a specialty subcontractor or in a management partnership with other builders and designers.

Dev and Real Estate
We develop our own projects – from land acquisition to financing to marketing, infrastructure, and vertical construction – and work within other developments as consultants and contractors. Our pilot Greener Home Initiative (PDF) is a program to establish and promote regional sustainable Real Estate benchmarks to consumers.

We have a 10,000 sf production plant to custom fabricate wall and roof panels for both our and our client’s projects, for a field installation superior to conventional 2x construction. It is much stronger and faster, more energy efficient, and provides other unique benefits for the same cost.

Client Access

It’s easy to try and say too much on a web site, so we’ve tried to keep it simple on this one. Please take a look around the site, and contact us at your convenience if you have any questions, comments, or project ideas.

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